Amazing Oman

Planet Earth has the constant ability to amaze and surprise us.  The more we see of it, the more it offers.  Every year a list is compiled of the hottest places to see.  Every year seasoned travellers are seeking places they have not seen before that offer new insights and experiences of culture, natural environments and food,amongst others.

One of the delights of being a Personal Travel Manager is learning about new places.  Oman was a revelation.

Who knew Oman had rainforest, or nesting places for sea turtles?

With the help of Oman Tourism and Sun Island tours who will be providing the ground arrangements for us, people who join this tailormade tour will  see Oman in all its variety.


In 13 days we will cover the country from north to south, and visit places of history and culture, of rugged beauty and fertile valleys rich with produce.  We spend a night in a desert camp and experience nesting sea turtles on the beach.  In the south we visit the rainforest, spot the trees frankincense is made from, and see the resting place of Job the prophet from the Old Testament.

From the northern capital of Musandam, Khasab, to the southern-most region of Salalah, the variety and richness of the experiences on offer will enrich and delight you.

And in a world grown increasingly tense, Oman is safe, friendly and hospitable.  It is also very accessible from Australia flying with Emirates or Qatar Airlines.


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