Lord Who? Lord Howe!


Some of the most interesting discoveries we make are those in our own backyard.  In this case on Australian soil, even if that soil is over the ocean.

Australia has many island territories.  Lord Howe Island is actually part of New South Wales.  It is a two hour flight from Sydney and the Royal Australian Airforce uses the runway as a practice landing strip from time to time.

Less well known that Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island is beautiful, peaceful and has a multitude of nature based activities that offer the visitor many experiences you will not get anywhere else.

The town tour finishes at the recycling depot and gives you a great insight into how they manage the rubbish issues faced on a very small island.

On Lord Howe Island there are walks all over the island, from very easy local wanders to see the birds in the local area, to meanders to and along the coastal beaches.  For the more serious walker you can spend the day walking along well made tracks to little coves and up to Kim’s lookout and over Malabar back to the township.  Make sure you take a rainjacket if you are there in autumn winter or spring as the weather systems can move very quickly.

If you are hardcore about your walks, there is a climb to the highest point of the island  Mt Gower, at 875 metres it is an eight hour return hike involving ropes at some points.  I have seen a Japanese girl who was in training run from the other end of the island to the beginning point for the Mt Gower hike, complete the hike and run home!

And Lord Howe Island is the only place where you can hand feed the fish in the shallows – pelagic fish – wild sea fish who come in and take bread from your hands.

Relaxed and friendly, there are no cars permitted except those on the island.  Walk, hike, ride a bike and get in touch with the natural world. It will remain with you.



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