Dubrovnik Dreaming


If walled cities are one of the things you look for in a visit to a different place, Dubrovnik will fulfill all your expectations and then some.

I have visited Dubrovnik in 1990 before and in 2012 after the war that re-organised the former Yugoslavia into now six separate countries.  There are marks on the walls where the damage that was done can be seen, but other than that you could be forgiven for thinking it has always looked as it does.

Dubrovnik sunset  web

Dubrovnik overlooks the clear clean if somewhat chilly Adriatic Sea, and delights at every turn.  The climb to the wall walk is worth the effort for the spectacular views over the city centre with its laneways and wide main street, its terracotta roofs and busy shops.  The view across to the water is even better. It is one of a few walled cities where you can in fact wall the entirety of the wall all the way around without having to go down.

Dubrovnik and harbour from wall web

In summer Dubrovnik hosts a music festival that takes place largely outdoors in the squares.  Singers, folk dancers, entire orchestras play for locals and tourists alike and often shows are free.  The fountain at the southern entrance is a popular meeting place and vendors will offer their wares as well.

Rich in history, relaxed and welcoming Dubrovnik is a jewel set in azure blue.




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