Bella Burano

Visitors to Venice need to know the tourist trap – its cheaper to stay on Mestre on the mainland, but that is NOT where Venice is.  Venezia of the black gondolas and Grand Canal and back canals, of St Mark’s and the Bridge of Sighs is an island and it is best experienced on the island itself, even if it means a two night rather than three night stay.

One of the joys of staying on the island itself is the ease of getting to the outer islands that make up this island state.  Murano is famous for its glass and rightly so.  But my island tip is Burano.  A little further out in the lagoon and serviced by regular vaporettos or by water taxis, Burano is home to lace-making and the bright colours Italians love so much.

Burano street  web

Nearly car less, Burano is almost frozen in time.  People live their lives as they have done for hundreds of years.  Kids play in the streets and churchyards; people sit in the late afternoon outside their houses catching the afternoon breezes from the lagoon and talking.

It is a photographer’s delight – every angle reveals new colours and shapes to capture the imagination and capture in camera.

The lace work is hand made and exquisite in its detail and quality.  You can chat to the ladies as they tat in the workshops and stores.  And it is entirely possible a piece will end up coming home with you.



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