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When it comes to travel everybody’s need are different.  The kind of holiday you went on as a backpacking teen or early twenties is not the same sort of holiday you will be taking with young children.   And that will differ again when the kids are teenagers and again when they have left home and you have time for yourselves again.  The places you stayed in as a 20 year old will probably not be the same when you are 60.  The kind of holiday may change as well.  The youth hostels around Europe on the trains (and I’ve done that and it was great but it would not be my first choice now) may give way to a river cruise or going to a favourite place and staying there for several weeks to really become a local.

Whatever travel you are planning it is essential to consider the people who will be travelling and their needs.  Planning a holiday where there are young kids involved will require finding places where there are kids clubs, and the journey there will need some planning with things to entertain the kids whilst you are on the move.  If it is a motoring holiday keeping an eye out for a playground, a riverbank or a beach so you can break the journey in a place where the kids can burn some energy and have a great time.  It may be that the sand castle you built as a family may be one of your favourite memories of the entire trip.

Planning travel with your parents also requires some sensitivity and forethought.  The things you are able to do in your 30s and 40s are not necessarily the things that your parents in their 60s or even 70s will be able to manage comfortably. Making sure they do not have to think about the logistics of travel means they can relax and enjoy the experience much more.  Prepay arrival and departure transfers, pre-book day tours and ensure they have time to simply do nothing in if they choose.  Their travel is then much more relaxed.  Rest days are essential.  Planning every moment of everyday generally means you need a holiday when you get home!

That’s where I come in.  I can help you plan an itinerary that ensures everyone’s needs are met and you have a holiday to remember for all the right reasons.



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