Denali- where the wild things are.

When it comes to wild and wonderful it is hard to beat the Alaskan wilderness.

Denali desolate

Spectacular, desolate and pristine Denali National Park offers wildlife, vast open spaces, a mountain to climb and rivers to kayak down.  Dominated by Mt Denali – sometimes called Mt McKinley after the US president- the highest mountain in North America, Denali residents include grizzly bears, wolves, dall sheep, eagles  and moose to name just a few.

Denali and river

If you are lucky – and we were blessed by four days in a row of perfect blue skies and sunshine (almost unheard of!) you will see Denali from a variety of angles, and wildlife to thrill you.  Seeing a wolf pack on the side of the road, almost blending into the scrubby trees was incredible.  Wolf Denali

The grizzlies are smaller in Denali than the huge bears of the coast because food is much harder to come by.  We saw one digging out a sandy area to get to the underground home of something edible.

If you are on the Wilderness tour you will stop off at a ranger hut and you have the chance to feel how heavy moose antlers are.  You quickly realise how massive their neck muscles have to be to hold the rack up.  Don’t mess with an adult male moose – you will definitely come off second best.

If you have the time, definitely add on the 4 night Alaska hinterland extension to an Inside passage northbound cruise.  It will reward you tenfold.



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