Planning to do nothing

I hope you all had a great Easter break.  Four days without work is always a boon.  Many people use the break to get jobs done around the house or in the garden.  Others escape the city and find a spot to relax in.  Some use it for a jumping off point for a longer break.

Whatever way you choose to spend a break it is important to ensure you actually have some down time – time you plan to do nothing in.

I had several things planned for Good Friday and Saturday, and Sunday mornings are always committed.  I caught up with people after church and washed my car and went for a long walk in the Friday afternoon sunshine.  On Saturday I headed up to Mount Barker and then down to the Fleurieu Peninsula to see friends and family.  That involved another lovely walk along the river bank.  By the time Sunday morning service was over and I got home and did the ironing I was ready to drop.  And that’s what I did.  I allowed myself the luxury of a day doing nothing but what I wanted and needed to do.

It is all too easy while you are away to pre-plan and pack as much as you can into every moment.  That is understandable, and it is also why many people when they get back from a trip need a holiday to get over it.  If you are away for several weeks it is important to allow a portion of time every few days or at least once a week to plan to do nothing.  Allow a day to not get out of bed until 9 am if you choose.  Allow an afternoon to sit in a café and watch the world go by for a while.  Allow a space to allow for the unexpected.  It would be a great pity to so tightly schedule every moment whilst in a place you have never been before that you miss the festival that just happens to be on while you are there.

One of my favourite memories is of being in Trier in Germany quite by chance when the city was celebrating its 1000 anniversary as a town!  As an Australian with our white history dating back a little over 200 years that was mind blowing and I splurged on a glass of wine to help them celebrate.

Trier-Stra-800 compressed

Allowing space in an itinerary allows you to savour the experience rather than having to relive it with the photos and video when you get home.  So when you plan your holiday, plan some time to do nothing in.  You may find those time are some of the best memories you will have.



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