Next time – hit me over the head with a bat if I don’t listen to you!

I have a client who rang me with this comment just recently.  Why would he say this?

This client owns his own business, works very long hours and rarely gets the chance to take a holiday.  When they do get the chance to escape for a weekend interstate they stay in five star hotels.  They decided they would take a break and go to Bali for 5 nights.  We looked at lots of resorts and they chose a couple they really liked and I gave them a costing.

They were happy with that, but mentioned to their neighbours that they were going to Bali.

Their neighbours travel six times a year to Bali and said – come with us.  We’ll show you around.  We stay here, and we know all the places to go.  My clients told me about this and gave me the name of the hotel they stay in.  I took one look at the place and all the alarm bells went off.  I suggested that this hotel would not be what they would be happy with and suggested they stay where they originally planned and meet up with their neighbours.  They chose to go with their neighbour’s recommendation.

What is good for the goose is not always good for the gander

The hotel was a very basic 2 star in Tuban.  It was cheap and turned out to be nasty as well.

My clients returned with tales of rooms right at the back of the resort, and with tiles literally falling off the wall in the bathroom.  When the management offered to change rooms for them the neighbour said – no that will be okay!  Other tales of eating cheaply and living off spring rolls and rice everyday just added to an experience they would rather forget.

How you travel is different from everyone else

The problem with being led by others is that you are not the same people and what you require of a holiday is likely to be different from anyone else.  My client wanted massages and great food.  He wanted very good accommodation and lovely surroundings.

His neighbours, because they travel so often, wanted cheap and cheerful so they could return every couple of months.

Trust the person who knows what you want

As a Personal Travelmanager I take the time to get to know who you are, your interests, your travel standard requirements and ensure that your holiday is as you want it to be and not how someone else travels.  No bats required if you heed that advice!


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