Melbourne Moments

Melbourne is renowned for four season in one day – wintry rain, blowing gales, broiling hot and full of pollen – but it is not always that way.
Last weekend we had dry skies and sunshine on both days; we discovered the Rose St Markets, saw Whistler’s mother at the National Gallery and despite checking out the dazzling array of shops completely failed to find anything for me to wear!
Melbourne is well know for its markets and laneways.  We discovered the Rose Street Market in Fitzroy – hand made craft and art work with everything from soap and handcream to hand knits, jewellery in wood and silver and resin and quirky cat and dog ornaments.
Melbourne June 2016 005
We also discovered cronuts – a decadent combination of croissant pastry and filled doughnut not for weight watchers!
Melbourne June 2016 004
The production of Matilda! was fabulous. Great set and a stellar cast of very talented kids and a few quite talented adults too!
The set design made sure you always had something to keep you occupied – finding the words spelled out all around the proscenium arch.
Melbourne June 2016 026
The combination of Roald Dahl’s story and songs by Tim Minchin is irresistible and every one needs to be a little bit naughty at sometime! Its on until November 2016 in Melbourne.
Top Tip – if you are in Melbourne the trams are not only iconic they save legs after a long day wandering around markets and laneways.  The City Circle has been free forever  and is a great way to get a commentary and orient yourself in the city.  But the trams within the city zone are all free as well.  Just be sure you pick up and get off the tram within the Free Zone and you are laughing.

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