Rainy day tips


Here in Adelaide we are in the midst of a particularly cold and wet winter.  Only a month from spring, it seems like we may never get there.  Walks get squishy underfoot and when it pours down we are less likely to venture outdoors.  Even the cat spends her time well and truly curled up and warm on the couch or my bed.  She’s not silly.

But what happens when the weather turns cold when you are on holiday?  It can be disheartening to see nothing but grey skies and wet everywhere when you really want to be setting out and about and seeing all the place has to offer.

So, some tips for rainy days while you are away.

  1. Dress for the weather. –  always pack a lightweight waterproof and windproof jacket that will save you when the weather turns bad.  My jacket kept me relatively dry in a sudden squall on Lord Howe Island and huddled with my back to the storm I waited it out until it eased and I could set off again.  If you can stay dry the world is not such a bad place.
  2. Investigate the indoor attractions. Museums and galleries, tours over old houses or inside churches and cathedrals and of course shopping malls, all provide shelter and offer insights into the culture and history of your destination.  The vergers at York Minster joke that the Minster is the world’s biggest umbrella as their visitor number swell in inclement weather.
  3. York Minster
  4. Use the weather as a good reason to check out the local cuisine. A coffee or tea in a local café will allow you to stay warm, hydrated and get to meet the locals too.
  5. Look out for the unexpected benefits of rotten weather. On my regular Friday afternoon walk a couple of weeks ago we got caught in the rain and it was cold and wet, but after it eased and we were coming back to our cars, the lavender on the side of the road was fragrant after the rain and was a bonus from the walk.  Singapore’s tropical storms do three things – they clear the streets so you have the place to yourself for a little while, they clean the streets and they cool the air and freshen the greenery.
  6. Use the inclement weather to spend some quality time with your travelling companions. Plan the next day, go over your favourite places so far,  catch up on your travel diary of labelling those photos, or culling the shots you really don’t need.

You could even shock family and friends by sending them a postcard, or emailing them.  The time out might just be exactly what you need.



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