Internet traps for the unwary

The internet has revolutionized our lives.  It is difficult to imagine life without it now.

But there are somethings best left to the experts.  In the past few days I have had a client who always books with me panic because they thought they would miss out on a fare that ended on a public holiday long weekend.   Instead of calling me -and I look after my clients even on long weekends, he booked an airfare online and only after paying for it realised the layover was something close to 23 hours!

A quick call to me – what do we do?  As I was not holding the booking he had to ring the airline and asked if he could void the ticket.  No sir, that is not possible.  Unlike travel agents who CAN void a ticket on the same day as it is issued, the internet booking engines do not allow that.  Instead he had to pay almost $300 to change to the flights I would have booked him on in the first place had he asked me!

A professional can help you navigate the huge range of possibilities, and even better do it for you, so any mistakes are avoided.


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