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My Island Home

Australia is both continent and island.  Sometimes we forget about the islands that are ours and are not far off shore as possible places to visit.

No visa or passport required; not far to travel, they use the same currency and speak the same language.  All great reasons to visit.

Everyone knows Tasmania is both state and island, and it is one of my favourite places.  Temperate climate, world heritage wilderness, colonial history and architecture, unique marsupials, great cold climate wine and fabulous seafood – what’s not to like?

I have visited Tasmania with family on a self drive holiday a couple of times,  on a camping/ cabin trip and took my niece to spend five nights in Hobart and the Freycinet Peninsula.  I have cruised from Melbourne to Hobart aboard the Diamond Princess and had the privilege of a famil to Tasmania.  Every time I discover something new.

Some memorable moments – seeing platypus in the wild at Something Wild park – splashing and playing in the river – incredible.

– Climbing to see Wineglass Bay from the peak and then walking the long way back to see the Hazards from the beach – and musing that their were probably Tasmanian devils with our names on their list because the path was not well signposted.  Thank goodness for friendly wallabies that told us we were close to the car park.

– Climbing Bishop and Clark peak on Maria Island for spectacular views over the east coast;

Maria-Island-Walk-Square  2  web friendly

– exploring the ruins at Port Arthur and seeing the convict carved headstones on the island where they buried their dead  and seeing tea coloured water on the Gordon River and huon pine trees still slowly growing.

I could go on and on.  I won’t.  Plan to see Tasmania.  It will not disappoint you.