About Cheryl


I have been in the travel industry since 1999. I joined  the travel industry with the aim of making my clients’ dreams come true.

My experience has been in a wide range of areas, especially leisure travel, both within Australia and overseas.

As a Personal Travel Manager means I can look after your travel dreams and requirements and be available to you wherever and whenever you need me.

I have been privileged to travel extensively.  I have first- hand experience of almost every form of travel and have visited  every continent except Antarctica (which is on my “to do” list!), and have many more places still to see.


I can help you…

Arrange everything from flights alone to

… extensive itineraries involving flights, tours, car and rail,

… cruising, sightseeing and accommodation

… essential travel insurance and ways to take money with you. (I also love the challenge of round the world itineraries!)

… plan and book your next getaway- whether it be a family break, the next thing on the bucket list or the trip of a lifetime.

My Travelmanagers webpage is travelmanagers.com.au/CherylJohn.  I can be contacted on cheryl.john@travelmanagers.com.au .